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Brittany Franchesa (aka Tricky Bandit) 22. Female. I love crime dramas, cats, and cartoons.I also do the art stuff.
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argh, struggling with layouts…not gonna stop till I get them right though >:T

All New X-Men #13

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so tired…why do I have to get up so early for eggs? EGGS

It just started sprinkling! Even better that my loud neighbors are getting rained on their dumb party >:3



At 10:30 eastern, 9:30 central, and whatever weird timezone, we’re starting fanfic friday. We’ll be reading fanfics and stuff and horsin’ around. I’ll be there. In a few minutes we’ll start ‘foreplay’ where we just fuck around and set up the stream before starting reading stuff, so please drop by/signal boost! We could use the exposure.

Again, not starting at the time of posting, but close.

Signal boosting!

Boostin boostin! This stuff is hilarious

Wow , i haven’t been in my room since 5 this morning. Just gonna lay down for like 2 seconds…maybe more


A little more progress on my assignment here’s a peek. Inbetweening on paper is hard ugh, have to go back and do some drawings over again.

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super duper important horse thing! me and my pals do this thing called fanfic friday; we read shitty fanfics and stream it and stuff

we’re rebooting it this friday; we start in about an hour. but we need readers. any of you with a mic and skype, preferrably with no restraints willing to read shitty fanfics?


In Poland, a photographer found a group of cats and dogs hanging out together in the leaves.  Apparently, no one told them that dogs and cats are enemies.:)

(Photographed by Joseph Szalapski)

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This is much better worded than I and I hope very useful!